Beth smiled sleepily as she rocked the youngest boy in her arms. His older sister was busily “helping” Sarah fold the laundry. The air was crisp outside and, through the window Beth could see Sarah’s husband Chuck raking up the last of the fallen leaves. It had been a full week of appointments and visits. Beth was comforted knowing that her only responsibility for that day was to spend time with the children. A meal was going to be delivered around dinner time, so she didn’t need to plan or run to the store. Beth closed her eyes and thanked Jesus for the love He showered upon them through these precious people supporting her family.

This picture is not the reality that many foster parents experience. Being a foster parent is hard! Our vision is to create a completely different foster care experience. We understand that it is impossible to step out sacrificially without hardship. But wouldn’t it be amazing to know that if you answered the calling to be a foster family, you were not going to do it alone? What if you knew there was a group of people committed for an entire year to pray for you and help you in many practical ways? Would this move you to respond?

We believe Care Teams are the solution. A Care Team is an engineered team, much like extended family, of 6-8 committed volunteers who support and serve a foster family, kinship family, or biological family. This team provides regular and ongoing practical help such as meals, prayer, tutoring, childcare, transportation, laundry, yard work, etc. The sky is the limit. Needs are being met for both the children and the adults.

The tenets of being a Care Team Member are many. Using the team model, everyone gives a little (an average of 1-2 times per month), but the foster/kinship family receives a bounty. Members serve by using their gifts and time and, most importantly, God gets the glory as the most vulnerable in our community are cared for (James 1:27).

We have been meeting with a number of area churches and groups this year to share information about Care Teams, and have started to watch them assist a number of families in our area! Would you, your small group, or church like to find out more about Care Teams and how you can be involved? Email Tim and Jen at today!