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Release is a dynamic and insightful atmosohere built for personal growth and connection. The best part of working for Release is working with families and youth that find themselves in a crisis. I ge the opportunity to be the salt and light Jesus talks about. This coming during a critical time is both an honor and calling.

I like working for Release because I love touching the lives of many people and that I’m given liberty to show Jesus to the world.

I have been working at Release for almost 3 years. I enjoy the fact that this is a Christian ministry and the supervisors, directors and board members are concerned with my spiritual well-being. I was so convicted of the Release vision and mission that I moved across the state of Nebraska to help in their work.

Release has a focus on serving the community with the love and grace of Jesus. Working with like minded people who care about you is refreshing.

I love our Friday staff meetings – we learn together, fellowship, pray together, openly share our struggles and what God is doing in our life. We get to love our community in action not just words. We get to be hands and feet of Jesus to the at risk youth, families in dire need of support as they go through a crises of some sort.

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