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You are so important to us! We need your help in understanding what motivates you to make a difference in the lives of hurting youth and struggling families. Why do you want to help make kids and their families Safe, Together, Healthy and Free? By taking this brief survey you will help increase our future impact in the community.

Please fill in this short survey to provide us with feedback regarding your experience with Release Ministries.

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Was there an influential person in your life who encouraged your interest in the work that Release is doing?

When thinking about all of the issues and pressures in our culture today, how valuable do you think it is that Release is able to continue providing its services and resources to the hurting kids and struggling families in our community?

As a current supporter or potential supporter of Release you recognize how important it is to change the way America cares for hurting kids and struggling families. Would you consider furthering the work of Release in any of the following ways?

It is important to people that their values and passions to do good are reflected in their will and will include gifts to organizations that will contribute to their life's legacy. Would you consider making such a gift to Release to have an impact in the lives of hurting kids and struggling families far into the future?

How does Release rank in comparison to other organizations or charities you may support?

Do you believe that Release's Vision and Mission are crucial for our society?

Which of Release's 4 strategic values is most important to you?

Which of Release's programs do you feel most passionate about?

Are you interested in learning more about becoming:

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