Seven years ago I attended a Release prayer walk through the Douglas County Youth Center. It was an eye opening experience to see so many people talking to and praying with the youth. From that experience, I was inspired to begin volunteering as a weekly Bible study leader. I myself have come to know the Word of God in a new way from working with the two other volunteers and the young people. 

One of my favorite parts of this ministry is our ability to talk the girls about the unconditional, sacrificial love of Jesus for them in every circumstance in their lives. I like the fact that Release is about sharing the Word and the love of God. We can go to the girls and freely tell them how much they are loved. Some nights are challenging, but the challenges are where I have seen myself grow in my own spiritual life. I have learned so much about myself and grown in my own understanding of the world throughout these seven years. 

The rewarding moments always make the challenges worth the effort. It’s my favorite to witness the girls start engaging and talking with each other the topic we brought to them. To hear them vulnerably share their hearts in conversation about their lives and understanding of God is the most rewarding time as a volunteer.

I have also been in a one on one mentor/mentee relationship with a young girl for close to 5 years!  It has been such a privilege for me to witness her becoming such a strong and beautiful young woman. We have had so many wonderful times together baking, sewing, taking walks, doing service work, bike riding, and sometimes just hanging out watching a movie. She has blessed my family with her humor and enthusiasm for all of her passions and joys. Having her in my life is truly a gift from God. When my children grew up and moved away I asked God for something to do as a volunteer for Him. He led me to the Release where I can share the love of God at DCYC and Mentoring in the community.

We are thankful for Lori’s faithfulness as a mentor through Release. If you’re interested in more information about becoming a mentor, email us!