I didn’t originally intend to be a mentor in any mentor program. Instead, I was simply trying to be helpful when a previous student of mine had identified me as a potential mentor. The process of being officially matched was simple enough and is what put me in contact with Release Ministries. However, some missed contacts made that original pairing fall through. When Marcus suggested to me that I could match up with someone else who needed a mentor, I almost said no. But after praying and talking to my mother (a constant source of wisdom in my life), I realized that maybe God was trying to tell me that He needed me. 

I think God can see where we can best be used, but it takes nudging to get us there. Perhaps that missed connection was just God’s way of getting me into a mentoring program in the first place. With that in mind, I agreed to try it out. I am extremely thankful I did. Being matched with Release was a growing experience for me; it had me working with a youth who was much younger than those I tended to feel comfortable working with (a fact that led me to being a high school teacher in the first place). It was difficult in the beginning working past that awkwardness and that feeling of uncertainty. 

However, my mentee and I have been able to foster a close connection with each other; I now view him as another member of my family. More than this, working with him has helped me to understand the various ways God can use me to change the lives of those around me, even if I am not directly preaching or being a missionary. It is important to remember that those who plant the seed are important, but those who tend to them are equally so. 

It is important to remember that those who plant the seed are important, but those who tend to them are equally so. 

Anyone who wants to work with or spread the word about mentoring needs to remember that image. Mentoring isn’t something that shows sudden improvement or charted growth, it is a process of nurturing. As much as I have been able to be there for my mentee, he has been there for me. He has shared with me in my joys and stresses as much as I have shared with his. God can use us in the lives of others, even if we didn’t originally intend to be there. But mentors need to remember that our matches are also in our lives and can improve us and our connection to God.

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