What We Do


Each week, our chaplain and over 40 trained volunteers visit seven to ten different institutions, and meet with over 350 youth ages 10 to 18. We discuss topics ranging from the dangers of drugs and alcohol, to leading an honest, productive life. We emphasize that youth look at their lives, see the need for change, and begin that change while they are incarcerated. These issues are all presented in light of the Gospel and emphasize their need to rely on Jesus for healing and for life change.

Release serves various youth facilities/communities across the Metro area.

Some of the current and previous areas in which we serve are:


Douglas County Youth Center (DCYC)


Pottawattamie Youth Center


Sarpy County Youth Center


Youth Emergency Services (YES) House

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For more information or to inquire about CBI services, please contact Garrett Swanberg by phone at (402)305-8070, by email at garrett@releaseinc.org or by filling out the contact form.

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