Release Inc.

Helping at-risk youth be Safe Together Healthy Free


The mission of Release is to affect at-risk youth and their families with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, releasing them to be all God intends them to be — safe, together, healthy, free.


To see at-risk youth, future generations, and society transformed through a relationship with God and loving adults.





Foster Care

Our first priority is to ensure the safety of the children and youth we serve. This can mean physical safety, but we also strive to protect the emotionally and relationally vulnerable. A safe environment must exist for life change to begin.


We believe in the power of relationships. Each of our programs are built on the idea that connecting with love and empathy is the only way to build bridges to the people we serve.


A foundation for the future

We are working toward freedom for each person we serve. Whether that’s freedom from juvenile detention or from traumatic experiences, we desire people to be free to experience all of the richness of an overflowing life.

Help the Cause

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